population health management

Health maintenance is going to be an integral part of healthcare going forward. For providers who get proactive with population health management, the Patient Protection and Affordable Act offers performance incentives. For better patient outcomes, providers will receive more pay. Learn more with ClinicAnywhere.

What is Population Health Management?

Population Health Management is the aggregation of patient information across multiple sources in an effort to improve health outcomes. Population Health Management typically involves monitoring individuals in a group to identify group health outcomes. Though it focuses on higher risk patients, health management also addresses preventative care of each patient.

In an effort to improve medication management and reduce the cost of patient care, care management is a vital component of Population Health Management. The best programs use financial, operational, and clinical information from the practice to report analytics which can be used to improve patient care, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Challenges, Objectives, Solutions

Population Health Management can present challenges for your practice if your staff is not prepared. You must be able to identify the gaps in patient care, analyze solution options, implement your strategy, and then measure your outcomes. An automated system can make your health management more attainable and sustainable.

The main objective of Population Health Management is to keep the patient population as healthy as possible. While providing quality healthcare, the hope is that the need for expensive intervening procedures, tests, and treatments will be minimized. However, in order to reach this goal efficiently, the use of technology and cloud-based software is required.

There are not enough providers nor organizations to be able to care continuously for every patient. With the use of technology, many routine tasks are covered by software. Not only does this improve efficiency, it also proves to be more cost effective.

In order for Population Health Management to work, providers must maintain contact with their patients and encourage them to invest in self-maintenance and preventative care. Simultaneously, providers must observe higher risk patients and help keep them from developing further complications. Through integrated patient information, such as health risk assessments and medication reports, providers can improve patient engagement and clinical care.

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