Improve Practice Cash Flow

ClinicAnywhere provides Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to clients on the Nextgen Office® software platform.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Are you frustrated or concerned with any of these issues?

· Poor cash flow
· Higher than normal claim rejection rates
· Too much A/R tied up over 30 days
· Inadequate Medical Coding Expertise
· Outdated Fee Schedules

At ClinicAnywhere, we consistently provide our clients with the best in complete management of the revenue cycle.  We have a history of showing our clients how to improve revenues through improved documentation and training.  We will be happy to let you speak with some of our clients who can attest to our ability to help you:

· Improve revenues and profitability
· Reduce claims errors and rejections
· Shorten A/R to below 30 days
· Improve collections

We don’t just sit back and file claims.  We actively engage your providers on an ongoing basis to help them improve revenues and reduce exposure through our monitoring and follow up training.  We employ the best medical coding expertise in the business and make those resources available to your providers.