Managing your revenue cycle can be both complicated and time-consuming. Instead of worrying about revenue management, focus on patient health management and let a third party handle the rest. Revenue cycle management companies are equipped with experts and technology that can improve coding and billing services within your practice. As a result, you’ll see improved efficiency and minimized loss.

Once you’ve decided to turn the reins over to a competent third-party revenue cycle management company, how do you choose the right partner? The best way is to assess your specific needs and consider which company can best meet them.

What Do You Need?

Consider your billing processes and the areas in which your business falls short. Are you having trouble following up with your patients? Are your insurance claims getting denied? Your revenue cycle management partner should be able to help fill the gaps and smooth your processes. From coding and billing to collections and compliance, a revenue cycle management partner can follow up and collect reimbursement from both insurance companies and patients.

What Will Your Provider Offer?

Your partner should be able to provide solutions to your specific needs. Many providers offer software-based solutions that allow your practice to access vital information any time, on any device. ClinicAnywhere software streamlines the practice from a compliance standpoint by integrating document management and a patient portal into one solution. Compare competitors to evaluate whether they offer the services you need. To do this, you must ask questions like:

  • Do they follow up on denied claims?
  • Can they help your office handle patient inquiries?
  • Do they offer a patient portal system to help with scheduling and payment?

ClinicAnywhere Has What You Need

The professionals at ClinicAnywhere provide our clients with quality revenue cycle management. We want to help improve revenues for your practice through better documentation and training. Shorten your accounts receivable to below thirty days. Collect on your copays. Contact ClinicAnywhere today to get started!