revenue cycle management

Are you experiencing issues with your current EHR software? Are you looking to integrate all data into one easily accessed database? Is your staff constantly bogged down with insurance and invoice questions from patients? It might be time to replace your revenue cycle management solution. Find out more with ClinicAnywhere.

#1 Online Access to Information

Do your patients have the ability to book appointments and pay bills online?

Enable flexibility within your practice. Work with your staff to answer patient questions about invoices and insurance quickly. You should be able to develop and implement new workflows as quickly as you come up with them. The online convenience of cloud-based software gives your practice and your patients the ability to access information anywhere at any time, even on mobile devices.

#2 The Need for Integrated Document Management

With the right solution, like the easy-to-use Patient Portal from ClinicAnywhere, your practice can streamline practice processes from a compliance standpoint as well as gain access to integrated document management. The ability to share information across care setting enables you as the provider to document more charges and thus compensate for more revenue.  

#3 Effective and Efficient Claims Process

Your patients and your office staff should know which services are covered by insurance, in real time. Being able to verify insurance eligibility reduces risk of denied claims and lost revenue.

Many practices use third party companies to help submit claims. With the right EHR program, your practice can experience a more efficient and less expensive claims process and work directly with payers.

#4 Unable to Manage Growth

As your practice advances, you must be able to manage that growth. The right system can help you manage even a multi-clinic practice. If your current software is unable to build or grow, or if your current program does not allow for customization, it may be time to replace your revenue cycle management solution.

Invest in the Right Solution Today!

Choose the right revenue cycle management partner today. Allow ClinicAnywhere to handle the stress. Focus on clinical care and improving patient service. We will handle the rest. Our experts and technology can help your practice see an improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness. Minimize loss today. Replace your outdated revenue cycle management solution with ClinicAnywhere’s cloud-based software.

With technology that is easy to use, give your practice the ability to create intuitive reports, gain access to integrated document management, and manage your practice from any device. Get started today. Contact the passionate professionals at ClinicAnywhere.