At ClinicAnywhere, we pride ourselves on being simple and clear with our clients with respect to pricing.  We prefer to have a straight forward pricing model that does not create a “nickel and dime” approach taken by many other software vendors who have lots of hidden costs and options in the fine print.  Once we provide a specific proposal for your practice, it will be very clear what you expect to pay both up-front and ongoing.

Up Front Costs

ClinicAnywhere clients pay an upfront cost to get started which covers the activation, setup and training necessary to get you through go-live and beyond.  All our upfront fees are fixed prices….we do not charge by the hour, we charge for what it takes to get the job done.  The only thing that can vary on the upfront costs are some out of pocket expenses such as travel, if applicable, and integration costs for special interfaces that may be requested by the client.

Ongoing Monthly Costs

ClinicAnywhere clients pay a fixed percentage of their collections, ensuring ClinicAnywhere and the client are in complete alignment with respect to the revenues and profitability of the practice.  With this solution, all the software and RCM costs are bundled into this fixed percentage making it easy for a practice to have predictable costs.

The percentage charged to a practice will vary based on a number of factors such as the type medicine practiced, encounter volumes, number of locations, etc.

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