Our story is pretty simple.

After over 12 years in the healthcare technology field, our CEO and Founder Mike Jones felt there was a huge void in the market for affordable, easy to use solutions for the small and medium sized physician practice.  Most of the “big players” in the healthcare software market cater to large practices and rely heavily on antiquated client-server technology, forcing practices to make significant capital investments in servers and other related infrastructure to support systems that are very difficult for the average physician to use.

In addition to these software concerns, Mike also saw the changing dynamics in the market with respect to coding and billing. Mike felt it was essential to offer Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services as part of the overall solution.  The benefits for the small practice are significant when the software and RCM services are combined into one solution.

All this led ClinicAnywhere to find and offer the solution we have today.  After vetting the entire certified software space to find the right software solution, ClinicAnywhere also went out and acquired an established and experienced RCM company to complete the offering needed.  Since that time, ClinicAnywhere has been successful in implementing and supporting the solution in a wide variety of medical practices.

Mike set out a single goal with respect to our clients and the solutions we provide…….100% of our clients will be satisfied and glad to be a reference.  There is really only one true measure of success……will someone be willing to recommend your services to someone else?  At ClinicAnywhere, we will make certain that all our clients get the outcome they expected.

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